Unique Exercising Options for Building Reflexes and Muscles

Exercise is as any physical activity that makes the muscles work and requires the body to burn calories.

Generally, exercise benefits the body. It helps with weight control, increases cognition, helps manage blood sugar and insulin levels, improve mental health, builds muscles and reflexes, and many more. 

Research has shown that many people who begin exercise routines and programs drop out along the way (it is estimated that nearly 70 percent drop out).

Some of the top reasons people drop out from exercise programs include lack of time, lack of enjoyment, over intensity, and injuries.

Chief among these reasons is the lack of enjoyment.  Human beings tend to continue with the activities they enjoy.

A significant factor in staying motivated to carry out any activity comes from enjoying it. The enjoyment factor doesn’t apply to just exercise but equally applies to careers/work and daily activities.

Another primary reason people drop out of exercise programs/routines is lack of time. Workers who spend a lot of time at the office, alongside other daily responsibilities such as picking up kids from school, might have little or no time to exercise.

They say variety is the spice of life. Adopting more fun-oriented exercising options can be enjoyable, relaxing, and less enforced.

Best of all, they still offer all the benefits of exercising (muscle building, improved reflex, weight loss, improved mental health, etc.).

1.  Shooting (Target Practice)

Shooting or target practice is a unique and exciting exercising option. The location of most shooting ranges (public or outdoor) are in natural/relaxing environments.

Participants, before exercising (shooting and target practice, are already relaxed and comfortable). They can interact with other participants, co-workers, friends, and family.

Shooting/target practice, like every other exercise, is an excellent way to relieve stress. It releases feel-good hormones (endorphins) that help to relax the body and relieve stress.

Besides, its relaxing and stress-relieving capabilities, shooting/target practice helps build muscles and improve reflex.

Shooting/target practice requires all parts and major muscles of the body. The arms and shoulders are used to hold or suspend the rifle, the feet for proper posture and alignment. The back provides structure/base, the brain for coordination, and many more.

It improves the muscles and flexors of the arms, muscles of the shoulder, waist/abdomen, back, and generally the whole body.

Target practice or shooting also helps to improve reflex. Good reflex is useful in times of emergency (when spontaneously action is required).

Good reflexes allow the body to react in ways that improve safety, improve posture, and general activeness.

Rifles are a more popular choice among shooters because they promote long-range shooting (aiming for distant targets).

When using a rifle, choosing a quality upper receiver that gives great value for the price is critical. It helps maintain proper body posture during shooting/ target practice and is one of the essential components of a gun.

2. Dancing

Dancing is another unique exercise option for building muscles and promoting reflex. It boosts the core muscles (transverse abdominis, internal, and external oblique muscles). The core muscles are essential in body balance and make other body muscles less prone to injury.

Reflex and coordination also get improved during dance workouts. Other body muscles become equally strengthened during dancing, including muscles of the feet, hands, waist, shoulders, back, and more.

Besides strengthening and building muscles, dancing improves muscle endurance, muscle flexibility, and upper and lower body strength. The muscles gradually adapt to working for extended periods (dancing).

All these significant body changes occur while having fun, such as listening and grooving to good music, dancing with friends and family, practicing new moves, and more.

3. Walk Meetings

A walking meeting is simply a meeting held when walking. It offers an opportunity to break free from the confines of the office, boardroom, shops, and home. Research shows that walk meetings can improve creativity by about 60%.

Walk meetings are arrangeable with co-workers, family, and friends. They are usually fun and help with stress-relief.

Besides improved creativity and relieving stress, walking helps to build body muscles and improve reflex. Walking helps build the leg, abdominal muscles, and arm muscles. 

It also helps to build lower body strength, improve body balance, and heart conditioning.


Exercise is an essential means of staying fit, building muscles, and improving body reflex. Many people or individuals drop out of exercise routines due to how monotonous and boring most of them tend to be.

You can avoid dropping out by adopting unique exercising options such as shooting practice, dancing, and walking. There are other exciting exercising options available. However, the general idea is to make exercising fun and pleasurable.