Are there any workout parks located in Germany?

Street workout parks in Germany are unfortunately difficult to find. Trimm-dich paths are often isolated in the woods and are mostly in poor condition, the modern fitness trails built by some cities have futuristic-looking devices that are not really suitable for proper training or play equipment, but usually do not have a proper pull-up bar or a real bar. It is usually enough to drive a few minutes across the border to find great street workout parks, such as in France. While the Baristi team continuously works for cities and municipalities to build simple but useful calisthenics parks where street workout athletes can train, we have created a map with some good training places.

Do you offer personal trainings?

We offer personal training, boot camps (group training), and training/seminars for training with your own bodyweight for every age group and every fitness level.

Whether you just want to start playing sports, looking for a new challenge for your body, or want to learn moves like the muscle-up or the human flag, you can achieve your goal with our innovative training methods and have a lot of fun.

What are the best recommended supplements for calisthenics?


Fish oil/omega 3 supplement

Greens Supplements





Gym Timings

Monday-Friday: 5am – 11pm

Saturday: 5am – 10pm

Sunday: 5am – 9pm