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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Workout Center

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Workout CenterIt's been proven time, and again that regular physical exercise significantly improves your health. As a way of exercising, working out is one of the most important activities you can get involved in to foster body fitness...

Beast Mode Warm-Up Routine

Beast Mode Warm-Up Routine Calisthenics Warm-Up Routine Beast Mode Style with Juice from Team Beast Mode!It was an extremely windy day in Brooklyn, please excuse the noise! The routine is: Count down Push-Up ladder with 5 seconds hold: From 10 down to 1 Push-Up ladder...

2 Calisthenics workout routines (Full Body)

2 Calisthenics workout routines (Full Body) If you’re just starting out with Calisthenics you might be looking for some ideas to structure your workouts. Here are 2 full-body routines for beginners or intermediates. Both routines are in a circuit style, so you will...

Advanced Super Set Calisthenics Workout Routine

Advanced super set calisthenics workout routine Super setting pulling and pushing exercises is really a great way to structure an efficient full-body calisthenics workout routine! This workout routine is suitable for intermediate or advanced athletes who already...

How to do a Muscle Up tutorial

How to do a Muscle Up tutorialThe Muscle-Up is one of the most complete upper body exercises existing, and mastering it is the goal of many aspiring bar athletes! In this Muscle Up tutorial, you will learn how to build the necessary strength and how to master the...



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