Challenge yourself like you never did before!

Our workouts are based on natural, functional, compound movements such as pull-ups, dips, push-ups and squats. These are basic strength exercises that many gym goers implement into their workout routines, but most only use them as warm-up or as last exercise after heavy weight training. But in our workouts we change up these basics exercises making them extremely challenging and demanding. This is achieved by using variations of bodyweight exercises, changing the leverage or adding different types of resistance.

Such a workout leads to an impressive physique, incredible strength gains, strong core muscles, better posture, increased cardiovascular capacity and reduced bodyfat.
Furthermore instead of “just lifting” something, you learn to master your own bodyweight and how to perform impressive moves that look impossible to who is not used to this type of physical exercise. And all of this in an interesting, fun environment, in whichever place you want to work out.

Baristi teams workout almost exclusively in outdoor parks and playgrounds, but our workouts can be performed at home or in any gym/sports facility.

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