Calisthenics (greek: kalos „beautiful“, and sthenos „strength“) in general describes any type of excercises performed with the own bodyweight.

In the modern interpretation, calisthenics is progressive strength training that doesn’t focus on isolated machine training. Calisthenics workouts rather train the whole body as a functional unit.

The training includes typical bodyweight strength exercises such as pull ups, push ups and dips but also exercises to increase mobility, coordination, as well as explosive and acrobatic elements.

Through calisthenics, your own body becomes your training machine, and any bar, pole or free floor area can be used to exercise.

Because of the great popularity of calisthenics trainings through social media and viral Youtube videos such as the videos of the King of the Bar events, formerly “boring” topics like health, nutrition and discipline become more relevant and appealing. This is especially true for younger persons.

Thanks to the fully integrated training concepts, calisthenics offers anyone an efficient and interesting trainings modality. No matter if you are a beginner or expert, woman, kid, senior or person with physical handicaps, calisthenics training can help you reach your goals.

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