On Thursday, September 05 at 19:00 (7 pm) Central European Time Eurosport 2 will broadcast highlights from the Street Workout World Cup Germany, the Stage 4 of the SWWC 2013 which took place in Offenburg, Germany on July 20th.
The “Street Workout World Cup powered by Xcore Savage” was a huge success both among athletes and spectators!
The event was organised by Baristi Workout and the WSWCF.

You can already watch a highlight video of the event here: http://youtu.be/f6BuyAbVFJY

Street Workout World Germany

Athletes Visran and Kazbek on Stage

Being on Eurosport 2 is a huge accomplishment for the street workout movement and many thanks to all the people which have devoted their time and energy for this to happen! Especially the editing teams from Baristi Workout and WSWCF who spent nights to make the video material. This is just to remind you that all this work is done on purely voluntary basis and people put in their time, money and energy simply because they love this beautiful sport!

SWWC 2013 is not about showing arrogant super humans who perform unbelievable things on stage. On the contrary, these are ordinary guys who have achieved their current level by hard work, commitment and passion for street workout. They stand for each of us, because street workout is for everyone and everyone of us has the chance of participating in the Street Workout World Cup! The goal of SWWC is to motivate youngsters to start training and live healthier lives!

Please be aware that the stunts and moves performed by athletes on the stage require previous training and may result in injuries, therefore do not try to repeat those without adequate preparation. Street workout is about progression – you have to start with basic exercises (such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats) to gradually build your strength, speed and endurance and only then you can advance to freestyle moves. Please ask for advice to experienced athletes, and check the tips and video tutorials made by our member organisations, teams and athletes. WSWCF is also working on future educational programs to ensure that street workout is being done properly and risk free.


Street Workout World Cup Germany on Eurosport 2