The Baristi will be represented at the Battle of the Bars at the LA FitExpo Jan 19-20! Don’t miss out on this event if you are in the area!

Battle of the Bar is a calisthenics (bodyweight) competition between individuals to show who has the greatest physical capabilities. Anyone can enter regardless of their background: gymnastics, break dancing, street workout or CrossFit.


Freestyle Competition Saturday Jan 19,2013 3:00 pm

3mins to display overall fitness ability
Athletes may use floor, bars, or outside objects to display strength. (Example: Push up with someone standing on ones back.)
Judging: 30 pt Scale
Acrobats & Balance 10pts max
Routine & Execution 10pts max
Strength & Control 10 pts max

Battle Competition Sunday Jan 20,2013 2:45 pm

Competitors will battle in small groups to display their Fitness.
Judging: 30pt Scale
Strength 10pts
Endurance 10pts
Execution & Range of motion 10pts

Athletes will be displaying incredible feats that take years of practice as they vie for bragging rights of who is the best on the bars!