“Calisthenics Workout has changed me”

Meet Michele [pronounced: Mikele], a professional firefighter from Trani, Italy, who has undergone a drastic Calisthenics Workout transformation in less than one year!

Due to his profession, physical fitness is not only an extra, but a bare necessity! Before starting with calisthenics he would be an occasional guest in the local gym, keeping himself in good shape, but without being fully committed and pushing the limits. When less than a year ago he learned about the Baristi Workout team and the calisthenics workout style promoted through our videos, it was an easy decision: He could exercise in a way that he enjoyed, free from the boundaries of the traditional gym setting, learn new skills, be fully prepared for the demanding task of being a firefighter and get ripped in the process!



Calisthenics Workout Transformation – 10 month difference!

The Problem: No Street Workout Parks for a decent Calisthenics Workout

When starting out, Michele faced the problem that many calisthenics enthusiasts in western and southern Europe face: He had no street workout park made for a calisthenics workout available, the gyms had no decent pull-up bars, and not even the local playgrounds had usable bars.

Michele’s solution? First he installed a pull-up bar into the fire station he worked at! This way, he could not only train himself, but the whole department of fire fighters started using a calisthenics workout as their way of physical preparation! After a few months, he stepped it up even more, by installing both a pull-up bar and parallel bars into his backyard!

Michele now probably owns one of the nicest street workout set-ups in the region of Puglia in southern Italy! There are certainly not a lot of people who can claim that!


Michele’s self built calisthenics park!

Michele’s Workout Routine

Michele started out using a simple calisthenics circuit routine to build up muscle, strength and conditioning at the same time. While continuosly working on the basic exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, he started using specific routines and exercises aiming at his goals of building functional muscle and strenght for advanced moves such as the front lever or the human flag!

If you are looking for a way to start your calisthenics workout too, give this routine a try:

Nutrition – You are what you eat!

Certainly, the training is only half of the work! Michele switched up his diet which was strongly centered around dishes with high concentration of grains and carbohydrates to a more balanced diet eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, white meat and only small portions of carbohydrates to go along with it!

As his progress shows, this was a great decision!

It only takes small steps to make a huge difference in your life! Start making positive changes today – soon you will be very happy you did!

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