We are very happy to present our newest project Bar Wars 2k16! This series is produced in cooperation with BodybuildingRev, who developed the YouTube format Strength Wars.

Bar Wars will be a recurring project, with frequent episodes being released on the Baristi Workout Youtube Channel.

What is Bar Wars?

In contrast to the recent freestyle calisthenics competitions, where shorter and lighter athletes have a distinct advantage, Bar Wars is a 1 vs 1 calisthenics strength and endurance battle, bringing back the essence of true calisthenics training.

Basics exercises such as pull ups, dips, push ups, squats, as well as more advanced skills will be used for these battles. The athletes facing each other in the various episodes are of similar height and weight, to ensure comparability.

Bar Wars #1 – Zach Ruffo VS Gabo Saturno

In the first episode of Bar Wars calisthenics athlete Zach Ruffo battles Yogi Gabo Saturno in the Jose Marti Park in Miami.

Epsisode #1 – The Battle

  • 10 Muscle ups
  • 15 Burpees
  • 20 Pull ups (chest to bar)
  • 30 seconds handstand hold


You want to compete?

If you thin you’ve got what it takes to compete in an episode, please contact the planning team on the Faceboook page.