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Dennis Ratano is a passionate athlete, trainer and motivator. He first got in contact with calisthenics in 2010 while being in NYC and soon after founded the first Baristi Workout Team in Europe.

Dr. G – Bartendaz Interview

By | July 8th, 2013|Calisthenics, Interviews, Street Workout|

During the Street Workout World Cup in Fredrikstad, Norway, Dennis had the chance to meet Dr. G of the Bartendaz and hold an interview about [...]

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Barstarzz & Baristi Workshop Tour Germany!!!

By | June 20th, 2013|Calisthenics, Events, Video, Workout|

July 20th we will make history by holding the Street Workout World Cup Germany,  the first ever official Street Workout and Calisthenics competition in Germany! Ed [...]

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Times Square Workout

By | June 3rd, 2013|Calisthenics, Motivation, Video, Workout|

"When there's a will, there's a way...and when there's a will to train, there's is always somewhere to train at!" This was the attitude that [...]

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How to do a Muscle Up tutorial

By | June 3rd, 2013|Calisthenics, Tutorials, Video|

The Muscle Up is one of the most complete upper body exercises existing, and mastering it is the goal of many aspiring bar athletes! In [...]

Calisthenics Workout Transformation – Michele

By | May 13th, 2013|Calisthenics, Motivation, Workout|

"Calisthenics Workout has changed me" Meet Michele [pronounced: Mikele], a professional firefighter from Trani, Italy, who has undergone a drastic Calisthenics Workout transformation in less [...]

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Calisthenics Interview – Juice Beastmode

By | May 8th, 2013|Calisthenics, Interviews, Street Workout, Video|

Juice Beastmode Juice of Beastmode is one of the calisthenics athlete that MANY people look up to! Why? Juice goes hard in every workout, every [...]

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“California Calisthenics” Workout Motivation

By | May 4th, 2013|Motivation, Video, Workout|

Calisthenics/Street Workout motivation straight from the sunny state of California! We worked out at Rise Above Fitness in Huntington Beach (RAF), Metro Flex LBC and [...]

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Venice Beach Calisthenics Routine

By | May 4th, 2013|Routines, Video, Workout|

When you're really busy and don't have a lot of time for your workout there's nothing better than a push-up routine. You can do it [...]

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Killer Abs Routine

By | May 4th, 2013|Routines, Video, Workout|

Summer is coming closer and closer, time to get your abs ready for the beach! If you're looking for a killer abs routine don't look [...]

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2 Calisthenics workout routines (Full Body)

By | May 3rd, 2013|Routines, Video, Workout|

If you're just starting out with Calisthenics you might be looking for some ideas to structure your workouts. Here are 2 full body routines for [...]

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